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Well I got my 15 seconds of pseudo-fame.  The other night was my son Robert’s little league team party at the Isotopes game.

The Isotopes are the Albuquerque’s minor league baseball team.  The kids get to meet the Isotopes players, get autographs, go on the field with the team and be recognized in front of the crowd. It really is special for them.  The kids coach gets just as excited about it as the kids do and as a treat for our daughter Audrey he arranged for her to race the Isotopes mascot Orbit around the bases.  She was so excited and won!  What fun for her. 

He also arranged for Bruce and me to participate in one of the quick between innings competitions.  It was called build a burger.  We had to put on these crazy hamburger bun costumes which were really bulky.  Then one person from each team (me) runs about ten yards away lies down and puts a plastic ‘patty’ on themselves.  Next their partner runs back and forth with ‘condiments’ to put on top; foam cheese, pickles and bacon.  Then finally the runner flings themselves on top to make the burger.  This is all done against another couple; in this case another teammate’s parents. It was weird and funny and we actually won.  Bruce really pushed it and could hardly get his breath afterward.  The prize was a forty dollar gift certificate for Fuddruckers hamburgers so it was good we won since the other couple is vegetarians. 

It is fun to do something crazy and silly that your kids will remember.  A friend who regularly goes to the games didn’t make it till the third inning.  She was sad she missed Audrey’s run but said our event was weird but amusing.  I’ll take that for now… (cue “I want to be a Billionaire” by Travie McCoy).   

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